MD-80 Fuel Saving Modified Thrust Reverser

EP-80 Ejector/TR Overview

EP-80 ETR Introduction Video - 2013


What is the EP-80 Ejector/TR?

It is a Dugan Kinetics modified thrust reverser for the MD-80 Series aircraft.


How does it work?

The modified TR offers a new stow position, where the TR is used as an ejector during flight.

How does this enhance performance?

By using the TR as an ejector, the operator receives additional thrust, while keeping aircraft weight constant.


What does this mean for Fuel Savings?

The added thrust translates into a total flight fuel savings in the range of 5-10%.

Fuel Savings Payback

The substantial fuel savings produced by the EP-80 Ejector/TR offers Operators a payback in as low as 12 months.

Maintenance Savings Benefits

With reduced EPR settings for equal thrust, the Operator benefits by reduced EGT on takekoff.

Engine Life Benefits

The EP-80 Ejector/TR also provides for a longer engine life with lower EPR settings & decrease in heat.

Weight Savings

The EP-80 Ejector/TR does not add extra weight to the aircraft. And by reducing fuel consumption, it is possible to require less fuel (weight).